Swirlys – January 2022

Strawberry Poptart – February 2022

White frosted raised shell filled with strawberry whip and topped with strawberry drizzle and sprinkles

Green Machine – March 2022

Glazed pistachio cake topped with pistachio cream cheese buttercream and pistachio cake crumbs

Pineapple Express – April 2022

Glazed pineapple cake rolled in toasted coconut and topped with pineapple cheesecake, whip cream and a cherry

Sup Shorty – May 2022

Glazed raised shell stuffed with fresh glazed strawberries and cream

Hey Cherry – June 2022

Cherry frosted chocolate cake with a chocolate frosted bottom and topped with cherry whip, chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips

Funky Monkey – July 2022

Glazed banana cake topped with banana buttercream, salted caramel, brûlée banana and sprinkled with sea salt

What’s Up Doc? – August 2022

Glazed carrot cake topped with cream cheese buttercream and carrot shavings

The Candy Apple – September 2022

Green frosted raised shell filled with apple pie filling and topped with mini M&M’s and drizzled with caramel

Pumpkin Spice Latte – October 2022

Moist pumpkin cake topped with pumpkin spice latte buttercream, pralines and sprinkled with cinnamon