Five Reasons to Return to the Artisan

February 17, 2010

Vegas’ boutiquiest hotel wants you back

By Xania Woodman

Maybe you showed up while the Artisan was in flux, changing hands to new owners, the Siegel Group. Maybe the bar was out of your favorite brew or the restaurant closed when you wanted a bite. That burns. But it’s time to let go of your grudge and once again give the boutique hotel your patronage: They are earning it back one exciting improvement after another.

1. New cocktail menu

Just launched last week, the Artisan’s new cocktail menu offers up nine new cocktails for you to enjoy in the Lounge’s cozy, dark environs. Not cheap, the new libations range from $10 to $15 but are well worth it when you lay your taste buds on the Raspberry Brûlée Old Fashioned, the Ginger Grant Cocktail (named for everyone’s favorite Gilligan’s Island starlet castaway), and the eponymous Artisan Cocktail, a twist on the classic French 75.

2. Smoke ’em now that they got ’em

Now occupying a wall once home to one of the Artisan’s many eclectically-stocked bookcases, a brand new humidor offers lounge guests a smoke with their cocktails. From robust to mild to sweet, and ranging in price from $10-$35, the new cigar program should satisfy just about any palate.

3. Nightlife and entertainment

Expect to see a lot more action in the Artisan Lounge now that Dream Entertainment will be booking fresh new DJs Fridays and Saturdays. During the week, you can anticipate a dedicated cigar appreciation night, the launch of Sunday’s new industry night and the emergence of Scotch, wine and tequila tastings. A view of the restaurant at the Artisan Hotel. The hotel’s lounge has become a popular late-night hangout for entertainers and musicians who come to the bar after their shows.

4. Now serving… food!

After sojourns opening Panevino and Café Chianti, the Artisan’s original chef, Franco Spinelli, has returned at last to once again dole out his famous (and famously generous) osso bucco. The dining room has been closed for a few months, but reopened February 12 for the Valentine’s Day holiday weekend. The dining room is now open 4 p.m. to midnight Tuesday through Sunday to address those post-drinking cravings. Sunday brunch is also in the works. Server Paulo will keep you in wine and stitches the whole meal through.

5. Coming soon: the pool bar

Something more to look forward to as temperatures creep back towards scorching, a permanent pool bar will be constructed to serve the petite Artisan pool enclave with summer pool parties naturally to follow. Vegas’ own House Society maintained a successful pool party at the Artisan for two years, last year going on hiatus. According to Food & Beverage Manager Andrew Wheatley, the two are once again in talks to revive the dormant party.