Aug 2010 04

Cooling Trend: Forbes Survey has Las Vegas as the Country’s Hippest City

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Aug 2010 01

Siegel’s Suite Success

Source: Luxury Vegas

Jul 2010 21

Boutique Hotel Opens in Shadow of Strip Mega Resorts

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Jun 2010 19

Siegel Group Renovates Gold Spike; Rumor Under Construction

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Jun 2010 07

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Celebrate His Birthday at Artisan

Source: Las Vegas Sun

May 2010 27

Best Entrepreneur: Stephen Siegel

Source: Las Vegas Weekly

May 2010 02

Redone Oasis is Latest of Siegel Group Renovations

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Apr 2010 14

Siegel Group Brings Boutique Chic Retreats to Las Vegas

Source: Hotel Business / Travel Pulse / Vacation Magazine / Agent At Home

Apr 2010 13

Rumor Has It

Source: Las Vegas Weekly / Las Vegas Sun

Apr 2010 13

Siegel Group Rebrands St. Tropez Vegas

Source: / Hotel Interactive / Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide