Siegel Suites Twain

651 E Twain Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89169

The Siegel Group acquired 186 unit apartment complex located directly off the desirable Paradise Corridor in Las Vegas, Nevada that suffered from high vacancy, low rates and substantial deferred maintenance as a result of poor management. Upon seizing operational control The Siegel Group immediately initiated a large scale renovation.

Notable improvements and enhancements to the property included:

  • Complete renovation of all 186 units as well as updates to the exterior that included new configuration of the front façade, new paint, exterior lighting, stone veneer enhancements, roof and parking lot improvements and the installation of amenity signage and new 35 foot monument sign
  • Completed landscape conversion project in which pre-existing water-intensive landscaping was converted to more cost and water-efficient, desert-friendly landscaping that dramatically reduced water usage and runoff
  • Performed parcel consolidation
  • Modernized facilities to bring both structures into compliance with present day building and life safety codes which included a new fire panel and monitoring system
  • Implemented new amenities including wireless internet and security patrol
  • Converted traditional apartment complex to The Siegel Group’s signature Siegel Suites brand that provides flexible living and payment arrangements with average occupancies exceeding 90% per location
  • Implemented Siegel Suites Rewards; a multi-tiered program that has been an invaluable tool in building and maintaining the brands loyal customer base by providing residents with the opportunity to earn points for paying their rent which can be used towards free rent, food, gift cards, electronics and more
  • Completed renovation and stabilization process in 12-month period