KTNV WEDNESDAY’S CHILD: We met a real ‘Prince’ who just wants to be loved

March 18, 2020

Pinkbox Doghnuts partnered with KSNV Channel 3 to support Prince, a child in the local ofster care system. We brought him into a PinkBox store and allowed him to design and package doughnuts.


LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The world may be different these days but the needs of our most vulnerable are the same.

News 3 is lucky enough to tell the stories of our homeless population and our kids who are waiting to be adopted.

Before coronavirus put us all behind closed doors at home, we met a Wednesday’s Child who is a real prince of a guy so it’s a good thing that’s his name. Prince explains what he needs by way of a family.

When we asked Prince what there is to love about him, he didn’t have an answer. So the good people at Pink Box Donuts stepped up to help him have the kind of day where he would feel safe enough to explore what’s good about Prince.

Soon, he opened up.

“I’m kind. I do good in school my grades are all B’s and I really love to play video games.”

Prince has learned these lessons against the backdrop of hard things, telling Reed: “I have moved from home to home and that’s really difficult and I try to forget about the past things about the past.”

If you would like to meet Prince or any of our Wednesday’s Child kids awaiting adoption, visit the Adoption Exchange website.